British scientists develop a “revolutionary” treatment that eliminates cancer

Al-Marsad newspaper: British scientists are working to develop a new cancer treatment, which works according to a system based on the disposal of cellular waste in the body.

And participates in the process of developing the treatment 15 researchers from the Center for Protein Analysis of the Institute of Cancer Research in London.

Eliminates harmful proteins

Professor Ian Collins, from the Institute of Cancer Research, said: “Many newer cancer drugs suppress the function of harmful proteins, but what’s new in our technology is that they are knocked down, that is, these type of proteins.”

“Our cells have developed highly efficient technology to remove harmful proteins. However, the proteolytic processes in our cells only recognize a specific number of them,” Collins added.

Collins indicated that the drug “lenalidomide”, which analyzes the protein, and is used in the treatment of myeloma for leukemia, follows the same technology, and can be modified according to their findings, explaining: “Drugs such as lenalidomide can determine the molecule that would have continued to perform its function. in promoting cancer. In short, they are marked to get rid of them, and they are guaranteed to be shredded and destroyed.”

Breast cancer treatment

The researchers also found a similar type of drug to target breast cancer, known as a selective estrogen receptor agonist, that inactivates a protein that drives this type of cancer.

The newspaper “The Guardian” quoted Collins that his team is currently focused on developing anti-cancer drugs based on the idea of ​​”breaking down the protein”, pointing out that the success of their project may lead to drugs that treat other types of diseases.


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