In the ring with tattoos “praising Nazism”. The boxer Michele Broili will be referred by the Italian Boxing Federation will denounce to federal justice, for some tattoos “praising Nazism”, including the totenkopf of the SS, which were noticed yesterday during the match lost against Hassan Nourdine for the Italian superpiuma title at Palachiarbola of Trieste.

The FPI, according to a press release, “became aware of and acknowledged the situation that emerged during the Boxing match held on 18.09.2021 in Trieste between the Michele Broili and Hassan Nourdine boxers, valid for the Italian weightlifting title. superpiuma, wants to immediately clarify its position and make it public. During the meeting we noticed some tattoos on the body of the Boxer Broili praising Nazism and, as such, constituting an unacceptable behavior and always stigmatized by the Italian Boxing Federation, which is constantly deployed against all forms of violence, discrimination and unlawful and / or criminal conduct. Obviously, the cardholder who put it in place and, if anything, indirectly and objectively, the Company to which it has endorsed and / or is solely responsible for this behavior. Any responsibility can and must be ascribed to the Italian Boxing Federation, which cannot eg even be aware of the personal choices of each individual card holder until he is aware of them “.

The Federation “strongly and peremptorily condemns and stigmatizes the behavior of its member and dissociates itself from any reference that the offensive tattoos worn by the same evoke. This behavior is in clear contrast with the rules sanctioned by the Coni Code of Sporting Behavior (art .5) ‘that the FPI acknowledges, sharing its spirit and content. For these reasons, the FPI reserves the right to submit this behavior to the Federal Justice Bodies so that, in the appropriate fora, their opposition to the Statute and Federal Regulations can be assessed and adopted the appropriate sanctioning measures also to protect the image of the Italian Boxing Federation. Also reserving every opportune action “.

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