Bronzi di Riace, the controversy continues. Vittorio Sgarbi: “If they are fragile, how did they last 2,000 years at sea?”

Vittorio Sgarbi replies to Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo, member of the Committee for the protection and enhancement of the Bronzes: «How does this gentleman allow himself to speak like this? Who is he? Who knows him? How can you say that the Riace Bronzes cannot be moved? You can’t get millions of visitors to Reggio Calabria ». And what’s the solution? ‘Send the bronzes to New York – continues the art critic – it is an opportunity that allows millions of people to admire these works of artthey are not children who cannot move, and if they move every ten years there is no harm. Deciding not to move them is a communist or five-star mentality “.

Sgarbi continues: «It is instead – observes the art critic – of a very interesting operation that I undertook immediately, and I don’t have to convince them, if anything, the Ministry which is the body that should really deal with these matters. Many works – he continues – have been loaned to other museums, such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Annunciation, loaned by the Uffizi to a museum in Tokyo in Japan (in 2007, ed). They are very wrong, in doing so they damage the other museums, they damage the Bronzes and also Reggio Calabria. What this gentleman writes (Edoardo Lamberti Castronuovo, ed) is absurd and strongly detrimental to my honor, the Bronzes are very happy to go to New York because works of art can bring enormous benefits. If they are so fragile – concludes Sgarbi – how did they manage to stay under water for two thousand years? “.

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17 August 2022 | 17:25

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