“Brooklyn does not want to renew Kyrie’s contract”

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“Brooklyn does not want to renew Kyrie’s contract”

To say that this season of the Brooklyn Nets is a disappointment is almost an understatement. The team that built quite a few expectations when it managed to bring in NBA champion Kevin Durant, along with Kyrie Irving, and later also James Harden – dreamed of going far, maybe even to a historic championship title for the brand. But dreams aside and reality aside – this season too she will not reach the goal, when by chance this time she is “swept” by the Boston Celtics after only four games.

Will the “constellation” fall apart? At least one side of this triangle is likely to end: According to a report in the New York Daily News, Brooklyn is not interested – at this point – in renewing Kyrie Irving’s contract with the team. The reasons given for the reluctance – his injury history, as well as the fact that he was defined as “unexpected” (which can also be attributed to the Corona issue and his unwillingness to get vaccinated, which prevented him from playing quite a few games this season).

As you may recall, last week the Hunts’ former assistant coach, Amara Studmeier, was interviewed, claiming that Irving’s absence from many games has affected the team’s season. “I definitely think it (Kyrie’s refusal to get vaccinated) hurt us .. because we could not build Kyrie’s chemistry with the team.”

“He only plays away games, depending on what city we play, he can not play in New York – so you have to build other teams and other match-ups, depending on the schedules. So of course it was hard for coaches to figure out who was going to play when Kyrie was not there. It was not what we wanted, and it was complicated to manage all this. “

Then, Amara clarified his words – claiming he did not mean to offend Kyrie: “Why should I criticize someone like me? I also fast during the season because of Yom Kippur, I also have a religious attitude, I am also an activist for the African American community. So why should I criticize someone who “So similar to me? The media is trying to turn your words against your friends or organization, to get more exposure and entries. I will not let that happen, neither against Kyrie nor against the Hunts. You can forget about it.”

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