Brutal! Youth in Singkawang Beaten Beaten during Wild Race

Brutal!  Youth in Singkawang Beaten Beaten during Wild Race


A young man in Singkawang was helplessly beaten up by a mob during a wild race, Sunday morning (25/3/2023). Photo: Screenshot

SINGKAWANG – A young man in the City Singkawang beaten up by the masses during the action illegal street racing , Sunday morning (26/3/2023). Motive unknown brutal beatings That.

The poor young man was beaten and kicked until he lay on the asphalt. Luckily he survived after getting help from the police who arrived at the scene.

Before the beatings occurred, these youths were busy watching wild racing around the location.

He was hospitalized after the incident, however, his face looked battered and his body was covered in bruises from being beaten.

The incident ended when the police arrived at the scene of the incident.

Deputy Chairman of the Singkawang DPRD, Sumberanto Tjitra also urged the authorities to take firm action against the perpetrators of illegal racing which had disturbed residents.

Apart from that, illegal racing is routinely held by youths in Singkawang City, especially on Thursday and Sunday mornings.

The Merpati Singkawang Police Team also secured a number of vehicles involved in the wild race.



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