Bryan Adams lands at Malpensa and tests positive for Covid: he had a fever after the flight from New York, now in hospital

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“Hi, I just arrived in Milan and I have been found positive for Covid for the second time in a month ”, this is the debut of the post published by Bryan Adams on Instagram in the early afternoon of today 25 November. The Canadian singer-songwriter wanted to tell firsthand what happened, explaining: “So I’m going to the hospital. Thank you all for the support”. Then an ambulance shot, with the surgical mask covering her face.

According to what was reported by the Courier service, Adams had landed at the airport of Malpensa at 1 pm A few lines of fever after the Emirates New York-Milan flight, then the control pad. “I have two doses of the vaccine“, He told the health workers. But it was positive. Once again. The Canadian star, in fact, had already tested positive less than a month ago. On October 30, Bryan Adams had in fact had to give up the ceremony of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in honor of Tina Turner. The artist’s staff, however, had reassured fans with a statement to Billboard: “Bryan is fully vaccinated and has no symptoms.” From asymptomatic it became symptomatic. And now the quarantine.

The 62-year-old singer, who is in Milan for the launch of the Pirelli 2022 calendar, The Cal ‘On The Road’, made entirely with shots by the Canadian musician, will be released in March 2022 with the new album which he should present in Italy for a mini-series of concerts. First, however, he will have to fully recover from Covid.

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