Bulgarian elections, Trifonov slightly ahead of Borisov

According to the latest exit polls of the legislative elections in Bulgaria, the party ‘There is a people like this’ (Itn) of the popular anchorman and singer Stanislav Trifonov would surpass, albeit slightly, the Gerb party of the conservative already three times premier, Boyko Borisov. The first exit polls instead gave a heads up with Gerb slightly ahead of one percentage point, at 23%. To have eroded the trust in Gerb and its leader Borisov – in power almost continuously for almost a decade – there are accusations of authoritarianism and above all a series of cases of corruption in all the institutions that came to light in the summer of 2020. These scandals have provoked large-scale popular protests against the government, accused of protecting the oligarchs. For the polling institute Gallup International Itn would have 23.2% of the votes and Gerb 22.9%. According to Alpha Research, Itn would be in first place with 23.9% and Gerb in second with 23.5%. In the elections of April 4, Gerb had obtained 26%.


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