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There is talk of ‘Churuli’ all over Kerala. The politics and production of the film make the second think, even to those who at first thought it was just Teri. The world is still in a state of disarray. Vinay Fort, who has done well as Shajeevan in the story, speaks. Vinay says that a film with a lot of positive aspects should not be reduced to just Teri. Nautan Manorama shares with News.com the fortunes and experiences of being able to act in Lijo Jose Pellissery’s film.

Chettan’s movie is a blessing ..!

Watch every movie in every mind frame. So, every director has a way of watching movies. When you watch Lijo Chettan’s film, it does not fit within the framework of a normal commercial film. On the contrary, it is a lot of thought. It ends with a space for all people to think. I hope you can interpret that movie anyway. Those who think that Teri is the subject of the film should first think about who made this film. What are the director’s previous films? It should also look at how much recognition he has received. The film has been selected for the most important festival in the world. He can be described as a contemporary master. Lijo is the director of the Oscar nominated film. In the future, as Malayalees, we can all be proud of the films of this spot. The quality of the film of such a director, the cinematic experience or the politics that the film speaks of should be discussed.

Chemban Chettan is the culprit


It felt good to hear the story. It was a good in-depth screenplay as the screenplay was written by a famous writer. Perhaps, it is the desire of all actors to act in a spotty film. The main reason for that is the copper hoop. You understand how Shajeevan is. The changes in the character were able to act accurately. Part of it is the occasional ‘laugh’. It is believed that the task assigned was done cleanly. Point gives us complete freedom as an actor to make the scene with us. The shooting took place at Kulamavu. The journey was by jeep. Arrived there early in the morning. The shop’s set is in the woods. The process was easy for Lijo Chetan. I’m someone who reads that script but tries to understand it as fully as possible. So it was easy to work with.

Teri and other discussions

It seems to be a kind of neglect to reduce a movie that has a lot of positives to just ‘Teri’. The movie in which I played the lead role has been the talk of the channel and among other people for days. One of the most watched movies of recent times is Curl. I know when people comment on me, the movie captures everyone’s mind. More people are likely to see the movie.

When people talk about Teri, they have to understand the concept of the movie. The clip came out the very first day, saying that JoJo’s character is a lot of shooters. Such is the dialogue of the character with the situation in the scene where Jojo comes. Teri is very common in the area. One such dialogue is delivery. Without it, the spirit of the film will be lost.

When law-abiding people become criminals

The film also shows the situation when law abiding people become criminals. The politics of storytelling is also present in cinema. The scene of crossing the bridge in the first part is thought provoking. From that scene, Teri is used to cross the river and face the place where the movie is going to take place. Crossing the land is the next place. Teri is common to people there. That may sound unusual to us. Life itself is a ‘role play’. Behavior and language all come down to the style of each place. We do not limit ourselves to having no one to correct us.

When the criminals in Kaligaminar curled up


The film is inspired by the original story. Film is the imagination of the writer. Any movie should be good, even if it is not based on the real story. There are also bad movies about real events. So there have to be movies with soul. As an actor, he is happy when people say goodbye. The most shocking thing to remember is that none of them are forced to watch the movie. This is not a movie about tying a white cloth and forcing anyone to watch it. It was released on ODT because they just wanted to see if they wanted to.

Shoot in the inbox too

A child is used in a film that does not even get certification because it is a character in the film. It is up to the family to decide if the children want to see it. It is my inability to say that my child saw this movie. We see web series with shoots. I’m talking about my character in the movie. Beyond the obvious self, there is an actor I want to see. It was my decision to act in a movie. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. The whole thing is in the inbox on social media. If you take any post of women you can see the moralists.

Teri knows when to study

I’m a normal human being. Sometimes I get shot too. No one is perfect. I was educated at the Boys’ School in Fort Kochi. Teri was no stranger to me there. I knew all this before I was in high school. So the character was not a big problem for me. The film was shot and they called each other. The director has given many dimensions to the film. I have only traveled my journey as an actor.

‘It was one hundred percent a must-see movie in theaters. The intended way of expressing the idea of ​​the film was not even likely to get censorship. The film went to ODT in anticipation of such things’ – Vinay Fort continued.


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