Bullied, terminated, forced retirement? – Woelki legal advisor sues for 50,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering! – Domestic policy

Now there are also allegations of bullying in the vicariate general of Cologne’s scandal cardinal Rainer Woelki (65)!

On September 3, the Cologne Labor Court will hear the explosive lawsuit of a woman who has worked with Woelki in the archbishopric’s innermost leadership circle for years.

It’s the ex-boss of Woelki’s legal department. She demands compensation from her previous employer for bullying (Az: 16Ca4189 / 21).

BILD learned from court circles that Woelki’s people are said to have fired the lawyer even though she collapsed under the psychological stress. In addition, the woman was also retired against her own will.

Terrifying: The diocese management is said to have systematically made the doctor of law, who dealt extensively with questions of the sexual abuse of young people by Woelki’s priests, ill.

That is why there is talk of “damage to health”. According to the court, the victim is demanding compensation for pain and suffering of “at least 50,000 euros”.

Her lawyer Stephan Vielmeier announced to BILD that she would unpack in court about the motives and timing of the secrecy of an explosive expert opinion on the extent to which priests had sexually assaulted minors:

“There is a connection between the above-mentioned procedure and the complex abuse report.”

Woelki’s spokesman did not want to comment on the “ongoing proceedings”.



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