Burioni: «I no vax? They underestimate diseases they don’t see, this time the risk is there and it’s real “

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The questions to Roberto Burioni and Sergio Abrignani in the webinar reserved for Corriere subscribers | Courier TV

Does a healthy person have to get vaccinated anyway? What’s happening with adenovirus vaccines like AstraZeneca and J&J? How is it possible that there are doctors who reject the Covid vaccine? These are some of the questions posed to Roberto Burioni, professor of Microbiology and Virology, Life and Health University of San Raffaele and Sergio Abrignani, immunologist, professor of General Pathology, University of Milan and director of the National Institute of Molecular Genetics Romeo and Enrica Invernizzi during the webinar reserved for Corriere della Sera subscribers went online on Tuesday 13 April. “I would be very hard against the no vax doctors: there are no justifications, they should be marginalized,” says Abrignani. “Everyone must get vaccinated – Burioni underlines – because vaccination is a gesture of social responsibility: not only we protect ourselves but also others”. And on adenovirus vaccines, experts reiterate that side effects due to cerebral thrombosis are extremely rare and the risk-benefit ratio between vaccinating or not vaccinating is largely in favor of the vaccine and data from the United Kingdom, which immunized half of the population with AstraZeneca, proves it ”


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