Burkina: Dozens of Terrorists Neutralized | BIA

Burkina: Dozens of Terrorists Neutralized |  BIA

Burkina: Dozens of terrorists neutralized

Ouagadougou, March 30, 2023 (AIB) – Several dozen terrorists were neutralized, in the vicinity of Kossouka (Yatenga, North), Taparko (Namentenga, Center-North) and Mangodara (Comoé, West). Weapons, motorcycles and other equipment were taken from the enemy.

Many of the terrorists who attacked the village of Kossouka (Yatenga) on Wednesday March 29, 2023, causing the loss of four VDPs and two civilians, paid with their lives for this crime.

According to security sources, more than a hundred motorcycles in a column over more than 2 km, were caught up in the evening of the same day towards the village of Vato.

Several dozen terrorists were neutralized, vehicles and combat equipment destroyed.

The combing carried out by the FDS and the VDP on the ground made it possible to recover weapons, 24 motorcycles, radio sets, laptops, gas cylinders and other materials.

Near Taparko (Namentenga, Center-North), terrorists who had erected a road checkpoint this Thursday, March 30, 2023, were neutralized.

Fighting by ground units helped neutralize the remaining terrorists.

In the Cascades region, the Combatant Forces dismantled a terrorist base in Mangodara.

Several attackers were neutralized. Food, weapons and motorcycles were seized.

The toll of the day on the enemy side is very heavy.

According to our sources, the Combatant Forces will continue their reconquest and security missions throughout the territory and the terrorists will have to lay down their arms or die.

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