Burn a Torah scroll: the demonstration that is expected to take place in Sweden

Burn a Torah scroll: the demonstration that is expected to take place in Sweden

A demonstration is planned in Sweden in the coming days in front of the Israeli embassy in Stockholm, which includes the burning of a Torah scroll. An Egyptian writer living in Sweden recently submitted the request to hold the demonstration to the local police, this was announced this morning (Thursday) in the program This Morning presented by Elail Shahar in Khan Network B.

From the information that reached the Israeli representation in the country, it appears that the request will likely be approved due to considerations of freedom of expression, since only last week there was a similar demonstration, in front of the Turkish embassy, ​​which included the burning of a Koran. Although the request has not yet been approved, it is being examined by the police, and the chance that the move will take place is considered high.

Israel and the Foreign Ministry are debating how to respond to the move and if there is even a possibility to prevent it.

The burning of the Koran at a demonstration last week (Photo: Reuters)

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, responded to the news in an interview with Elial Shahar on the program This Morning on the Kan Network B: “It’s a shocking thing. There is a difference between freedom of speech and the ugly act, in the place where Torah scrolls were burned – people were also burned. I call on the Swedish government to intervene and prevent this shocking event. As soon as tomorrow I will contact the Swedish ambassador to the UN about this issue.”


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