Bus traffic experiences significant traffic disruptions – DN.SE.

Bus traffic experiences significant traffic disruptions – DN.SE.

All bus lines except the Ösmo line in Södertörn’s traffic area, comprising Tyresö, Handen, Haninge, and Jordbro, were cancelled during the night. By 6 am, four of the five largest lines, namely lines 801, 838, 875, and 873 have been restored. Line 401 is undergoing testing to determine its safety for running. Despite this, 40 smaller lines remain cancelled but may resume shortly. SL, which operates the buses in the region, attributes the cancellations to heavy snowfall in the Stockholm area on Monday and Tuesday. Carin Tennström at Nobina’s press service says that when the larger lines are operational, smaller lines are gradually reinstituted. Snow storms impact regions such as Tyresö, Värmdö, and Nacka, and snowplows have difficulty arriving promptly. Train traffic appears to be unaffected.

During the night, all bus lines except the Ösmo line have been canceled in Södertörn’s traffic area, which includes Tyresö, Handen, Haninge and Jordbro. By 6 o’clock on Tuesday morning, four of the five largest lines in the area had been put back into traffic. These are lines 801, 838, 875 and 873. The fifth line, 401, is now being tested to see if it is safe enough to run.

40 smaller lines are still canceled but will probably be put into operation in the near future.

– When the big lines have started working, you can usually slowly release the other smaller bus lines. We don’t have a forecast for when everything can be up and running, but I would say relatively soon, says Carin Tennström at Nobina’s press service, which runs the SL buses in the area,

The canceled departures is due to the large amounts of snow that fell over the Stockholm area during Monday and the night to Tuesday.

– It is very unsafe to drive in that amount of snow, completely impassable in fact, says Carin Tellström.

SL says that it is often archipelago islands and places such as Tyresö, Värmdö and Nacka that are affected by snow storms.

– The snowplows often don’t have time to get there as quickly, says Aleksander Krajisnik on SL’s press call.

SJ tells DN that they have no information about major disruptions in train traffic.


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