Business at the FFF: former vice-president, Brigitte Henriques files a complaint for defamation

The former vice-president of the French Football Federation (FFF) and now president of the CNOSF, Brigitte Henriques, announced on Wednesday that she was filing a complaint for defamation after the publication of an article from the Norwegian site Josimar accusing her of having supported a federal executive sentenced for moral and sexual harassment. In this article published on Wednesday, signed by a French journalist, Ms. Henriques is implicated on the basis of a letter dated October 4, 2018 in which she praises the professional qualities of Jacky Fortepaule, former president of the Ligue du Center de football between 2017 and 2018.

In this letter, she mentions in particular “a committed and passionate director” knowing “to put his skills at the disposal of the various federal commissions” and who has “invested a lot”. According to the article, this letter would have been used by the defense of Mr. Fortepaul during a trial which took place in Orléans at the beginning of 2022, six women having accused him of moral and sexual harassment.

The former leader was sentenced in April 2022 to a one-year suspended prison sentence by the Orleans Criminal Court in this case, according to the press, also receiving a fine of 1,500 euros and 37,000 euros in damages to pay to the six victims.

Elected to the presidency of the National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) more than a year ago, Ms. Henriques assures in the press release announcing her complaint that it will be “now so when words or writings are defamatory and / or carry attack on my honor and consideration. »

The Ministry of Sports launched an audit mission targeting the FFF more than ten days ago after the publication, on September 8, by the magazine So Foot, of an article pointing out numerous dysfunctions within the governing body. French soccer. The magazine’s investigation also mentioned, on the basis of anonymous testimonies, the sending of sexual SMS to employees of the FFF by President Noël Le Graët.


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