Businesses, in Italy one in ten is led by immigrants

In Italy one in ten businesses are led by immigrants. Although at first glance it may seem an unbelievable figure, it is actually so, given that in Italy there are 630 thousand companies with an immigrant boss. This information emerges from a study carried out by Unioncamere and InfoCamere, who also specified their origin: most of them are Chinese, Moroccan and Romanians but they are also increasing from Nigeria, Pakistan and Albania.

As for the sectors most involved in immigrant entrepreneurship we find those of telecommunications and the manufacture of clothing items. While if we analyze the legal form, we note that the prevailing one is the sole proprietorship which, among other things, is the only one for which it is possible to univocally associate the nationality of the owner with that of the company.

At the national level, on the other hand, the regions where most of the businesses run by immigrants are located are: Tuscany (14.4%), Liguria (14%), Lazio and Lombardy (12.8%) they are the ones that have seen a greater diffusion within the territory but if we were to make an analysis in absolute terms Lazio and Lombardy would stand out on the podium.


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