Buy your SNCF train tickets online with holiday vouchers: here’s how

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Buy your SNCF train tickets online with holiday vouchers: here’s how

No more queuing at the SNCF counters (when there are still some) to pay for train tickets with holiday vouchers! For the past few days, the SNCF Connect site and application (formerly have made it possible in certain cases to pay for tickets using Chèque-Vacances Connect, the dematerialization solution of the National Agency for Holiday Checks (ANCV). For those with paper holiday vouchers, however, it is necessary to carry out a procedure which remains time-consuming…

A necessary dematerialization. Few employees benefit from dematerialized holiday vouchers. For these, it is mandatory to go through a dematerialization. To do this, you must go to the page dedicated to exchanges on the ANCV site, enter the information of the holiday vouchers to be exchanged by hand, then connect via France Connect and finally send the paper holiday vouchers by post. After which the envelope is processed and the balance of the transformed holiday vouchers available a few days later via the application, ready to be used. It is therefore necessary to anticipate the thing well.

How to pay for train tickets? It is first necessary that the holiday vouchers have been dematerialized and that the balance of Chèque-Vacances Connect (visible from the dedicated mobile application, mandatory to be able to use them) has been updated. Once done, on the SNCF Connect website or application, you must search for the desired train ticket. It is during payment that you can choose to pay with Chèque-Vacances Connect. By choosing this option, the Internet user is therefore taken to a page on which he is asked to indicate his email address. He will then have to open the Chèque-Vacances Connect application to validate the payment.

Not for all trains. Because the train connecting Paris to Caen (Calvados) is a Nomad train, you will not be able to pay for your tickets with Chèque-Vacances Connect. Same thing with Ouigo. Payment in this way is only possible for TGV Inoui, Intercités and TER.

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