Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the by-election results in the local bodies have increased his confidence. The Chief Minister was speaking at a press conference detailing the achievements of the government. Responsibilities fulfilled in any adverse weather conditions. The state has received special recognition at the national and international levels. The number of houses under the Life scheme will cross three lakh next month, the CM said. More than twice as many pattas were issued as declared. So far 33,530 pattas have been handed over. Construction of 1600 roads has been completed under the Rural Road Rehabilitation Project. K-phone connection to 20,750 offices. The CM said that connection will be provided to 14000 BPL families soon.

The manifesto contains 900 promises. The goal is to make it work. These are aimed at job creation and innovative community creation. The 100-day program, which has been running since February, ends today.

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