By mid-April, first rules to simplify recruitment in the PA – “By mid-April” a “Simplifications decree” will be approved with a “first package” of rules on recruitment in public administrations. The minister of the PA said it, Renato Brunetta, speaking at the Ambrosetti workshop.

“I’m working concretely on accesses and the recruitment of public administrations – explained Brunetta – the way of recruiting the PA must totally change: no more paper and pen, no more nineteenth-century competitions, the selection of the most deserving must take place in more modern forms. Maybe this first recruiting package will arrive in a few days. “

“Maybe in 7-10 days – said Brunetta – this first package on recruitment will arrive in a decree that will be approved by mid-April. The first competitions will already be able to adopt these simplified forms, held online but in designated places. I want to give a signal that the PA is changing by bringing in young people prepared and qualified with the aim not of restoring, but of increasing turnover. The hiring of 2,800 technicians in the South will be the first test“.

“I am putting together all the ideas developed in recent years: the first idea – continued the minister – it will be the simplification of simplification. I will do a first cleanup of the simplification that did not simplify. A strategy that does not have human capital and coherent simplification as a priority is useless, is useless and does not impact the system. In the coming days there will be a simplification decree, in which the topic of the class action will also be resumed”.

Brunetta also focused on the economic trend. “We are one step away from the rebound due to the compression that has taken place in our economy, so it means investments, consumption, growth, more income and confidence, but all this is not enough if we do not accompany this situation with the right decisions”, he explained. .



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