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Amala Paul is a leading actress in the world of South Indian cinema. He is currently acting in the film Kadavar. This movie is directed by Malayalam director Anoop S. Panicker is the driver. It stars actress Amala Pal along with Harish Uthman, Muneeskanth, Trikan, Trikun, Vinod Sagar, Atulya Ravi, Rithvika, Shadows Ravi, Velu Prabhakar and others. This movie is released in medical crime thriller genre. Ranjin Raj is composing the music for this movie. This movie is live today on Disney Plus Hotstar. Has this film, which has come out with many expectations, met the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it? Let’s see that.



The beginning of the film starts with a series of murders, thrilling. Then a mysterious man puts Salim Rahman, a famous doctor, in a car and burns him to death. The police are investigating the matter. The investigation reveals that there is a connection between this murder and Vetri, who is in jail. But success in prison causes confusion as to how this murder can be done.

Amala Pal along with the police tries to find this out. Who is the mysterious person who helped Victory to commit this murder? What is the reason for this murder? That is the rest of the story of the film. The director has carried the story briskly without getting bored anywhere in the film. Amala Paul plays the role of Patra, a forensic expert in the film.


Also, it can be said that Amala Paul is threatening in a role that has not been played before. He has scored with his unique performance through this film. Especially the scenes where Amalapal sits and eats in the middle of the dead body is on another level. This film is definitely expected to be a comeback film for Amala Paul.

With corpses, morgue, gruesome murders, the story is ticking by every minute. In the first half, the story moves without understanding the reason for the murder, but the director has given a clear explanation in the second half. The background music and cinematography are the strong points of the film. Other actors of the film have also done their assigned work perfectly.

The suspense of the film is whether Amalapal, who searches for the killer with the police, eventually finds him. The director has perfectly given the required scenes for thrilling.
Amala Paul’s Kadawar movie was okay for the fans who paid money.


The way the director has carried the story is special.

Amala Paul’s performance is another level.

The actors have also done their assigned work perfectly.

The background music and cinematography are excellent.


There is some logic flaw here and there in the film.

Amalapal has carried away the entire film.

The first half has left the audience confused.

Otherwise there are no flaws to speak of.

All in all, it’s a treat for crime thriller lovers.



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