campaign summary of May 27 of the 4 candidates for Governor

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2023-05-28 06:52:00

$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 27 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


Ricardo Mejia Berdejacandidate for the Labor Party, in the Center-Desierto Region offered rural communities the rural food program and guarantee nutrition without conditions policies, in addition to support programs for women, youth, interest-free loans for entrepreneurs and state daycare centers.

“We are all Coahuila and everyone is going to count on the Tiger. I will be a governor of territory, not a desk, an itinerant governor. With me they will have an ally for the field. We are going to defend the water of the Coahuilenses like a tiger”.

In work meetings, Mejía Berdeja met with people who denounced cases of corruption.

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$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 27 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


The candidate of the UDC-Green alliance, Lenin Perez Rivera, carried out his regional campaign closure in the Laguna Region, from where he assured that the people have the will to achieve alternation in Coahuila. This happened after the announcement of the national leadership of the Green Party, which declined in favor of Morena.

“People have will, they have convictions and they have values! From Torreón, we continue together in this fight to get the PRI out of Coahuila, uniting wills and making it clear that we will not back down.”said.

Lenin assured yesterday that he will continue with his candidacy until the election day of June 4 without declining in favor of anyone.

$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 27 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


Armando Guadiana TijerinaMorena’s candidate, was in Saltillo, where he assured that, if he wins the gubernatorial election, he will represent the 4T with dignity.

“We are going to have a government of good, with ethics, morality, transparency, honesty and probity in the public resources of the state, for this reason, before all the militants of Morena and all the parties such as the PT, PVEM, base of the PAN, to Citizen Movement, we call on you so that together we can protect our state with a new government.

He called on the morenistas to protect the vote next Sunday from the polls and even the streets. “Even though they have hauled, we are going to win,” he assured.

$!Coahuila 2023 Elections: May 27 campaign summary of the 4 candidates for Governor


Among his campaign closing activities in the Laguna Region, the candidate of the PAN-PRI-PRD Citizen Alliance for Security, Manolo Jimenezmet with the university community, to which he promised that alliances will be formed to develop different projects.

“We had a meeting with the university community with whom we will form great alliances to develop projects and programs such as the “super scholarships” and promote the careers of the future”said the applicant.

In addition, he had a meeting with the organization Ciudadanía por Coahuila and maintained that his government work hand in hand with society.

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