Can a diabetic patient donate blood? .. Watch a “doctor” answer • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Omar Al-Suhaibani clarified the possibility of a diabetic patient donating blood. Adding that the donation helps prevent diseases.

He said during an interview with the Saudi TV channel: “A diabetic can donate blood if he takes medication orally, and whoever receives synthetic insulin can also donate blood if the other conditions for donating blood are fulfilled.”

He pointed out that a preliminary examination is performed before donating blood, which is temperature, pressure and weight. He continued: “If the donor weighs less than 50 kilos, he cannot donate, and also if the pressure is less than the normal rate or higher, it is not possible to donate.”

He pointed out that donating blood has several benefits, such as stimulating blood circulation, producing renewable blood cells, and preventing heart diseases and clots, in addition to that donation helps to conduct free tests that may help the donor to prevent diseases.


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