Can breast cancer be prevented? Is there a vaccine?

The most popular question of all time about breast cancer is Can it be prevented? Is there a vaccine? continuous screening Like waiting for it to be and then treating it? Want more protection? These sentences are questions frequently heard by patients.

Can breast cancer be prevented?

Dr. Piyasak Tharavanich, a specialist in breast surgery and breast augmentation According to the Center for Surgery (Breast) at Nawavej Hospital, breast cancer can be divided into two main types based on hormone response: Hormone Receptor Positive and Hormone Receptor Negative, with the vast majority of breast cancers being receptor positive.

Therefore, there was the idea that if we could reduce the response to hormones Your chances of getting breast cancer should be reduced. From the research, it was found that the assumptions were true. and can be used to recommend as a practical prevention practice (Recommendation Guideline) with 2 methods:

  1. use anti-hormonal drugs This method is called Chemoprevention (But not a chemical drug), the drug used is Drugs that have been used in the treatment include Tamoxifen, Raloxifene, and Aromatase Inhibitor.
  2. surgery to reduce the response with the removal of the ovaries that produce hormones on both sides

Both methods were found to be effective in preventing breast cancer by 60-70%, only the Hormone Receptor Positive type, so we had to start thinking about how to prevent both types of breast cancer. very easy is No breasts, that’s all. Still don’t have to research to guess that the results are probably true. And it’s probably the most effective prevention of over 90%, and so are the research results. In the first phase, it will be a simple breast surgery on both sides or Prophylactic Bilateral Simple Mastectomy, which has a small number of cases.

later developed New breast cutting techniques along with a new breast enhancement in the same surgery By this surgery, all the outer appearance of the breast is preserved. Cut out only the breast meat inside. and then reinforce the new ones instead of the old ones According to research, it is found that the preventive effect is more than 90% as before, so this method is widely popular in foreign countries. because of the surgery in the hands of a skilled surgeon Almost no side effects were found. In addition, patients can reduce the risk of breast cancer by more than 90% and get new breasts that can be adjusted to the desired shape. This surgery is called Prophylactic Bilateral Nipple Sparing Mastectomy with Immediate Breast Reconstruction. This technique has been proven to be used in the treatment of breast cancer. which gives the same result as a smooth breast augmentation

From personal experience that I have been using this technique for almost 10 years of surgery, including surgery to prevent breast cancer (patients come to request for this type of surgery specifically), surgery to treat breast augmentation injections. (Paraffinoma), surgery to heal broken silicone leaking into the breast meat. and breast cancer surgery The aesthetic effect is satisfactory to the patient. The results of treatment and prevented according to international research data, which is equivalent to cutting the whole udder smooth

Currently, the doctor will recommend various preventive methods. above with patients at high risk of breast cancer and is not recommended for female patients in general especially the method Chemoprevention

Breast cancer, is there a vaccine?

breast cancer vaccine is in the research and development process By using modern vaccine development technology used with COVID-19 to develop a TRIPLE NEGATIVE breast cancer vaccine because it was found that this type of cancer expresses a specific thorn protein. Therefore, the characteristics of this specific protein are used to produce vaccines. And in January, the US FDA approved it for Phase 1 research that follows the vaccine development process. It usually takes another 5-10 years at least. before the vaccine was released for general use


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