Can Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight? Find Out Here

Can Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight? Find Out Here

2023-06-03 06:25:31

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Coffee splits minds, especially when it comes to the topic of health and weight loss. What you need to know about the caffeine drink – here at a glance.

Kassel – The caffeinated coffee is the most popular hot drink among Germans and is part of the daily routine for most people. Whether and to what extent coffee positive effect on health, there is still a lot of discussion about this. However, some studies indicate a health-promoting effect. But the effect goes far beyond that. That’s true Coffee is also a real secret weapon in the house and garden.

Sure, sports, enough exercise as well a healthy and balanced diet is good for health and physical fitness. At the same time, they also support effectively in weight reduction, just like Certain foods make it easier to lose weight. Some Food is healthy, especially in the evening and help with weight loss. Scientific studies show that coffee, for example, not only provides energy, but can also help your body to burn fat. Here is an overview of how coffee can help you lose weight and what needs to be considered.

Coffee can help you lose weight – but when you drink it is crucial (symbolic image) © Evgenia Sunegina/ Imago

Losing weight with coffee: This is what caffeine does in your body

Coffee is a real power drink. How caffeine works in the body:

  • The caffeine it contains not only helps against tiredness and increases mental performance, but is also considered a mild pain reliever. It’s also used in some medications because it slightly constricts blood vessels and can help relieve symptoms like headaches and migraines.
  • At the same time, coffee supplies your body with glycogen, which is needed to support the muscles.
  • It contains valuable antioxidants that help the body to neutralize free radicals. The best-known antioxidants in coffee are the so-called chlorogenic acids, which are said to inhibit inflammatory reactions in the body, for example.
  • However, caffeine can also have a negative impact on sleep quality. It is therefore not recommended to drink coffee in the late afternoon or evening, as it can lead to difficulty falling asleep, insomnia and problems sleeping through the night.
  • Caffeine can also stimulate the release of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. One Study from Japan even warned against excessive coffee consumption in people with previous illnesses.
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Like the health portal writes, but caffeine also stimulates the metabolism and stimulates fat burning (lipolysis) in the body.

Losing weight with coffee: how it works

We have summarized below how coffee can promote weight loss:

  • Coffee promotes digestion: Researchers found that coffee stimulates the intestines to contract. Coffee also helps against constipation.
  • Coffee supports fat burning: Lipolysis ensures that both food and body fat are broken down into their individual components and used to supply the body with energy. That said, coffee is good for weight loss because it favors fat burning and primarily prevents fat storage in your body.
  • Coffee as an appetite suppressant: Coffee can reduce hunger and appetite. This was confirmed by a study carried out in Journal The Obesity Society has been published. The subjects studied felt full more quickly after drinking coffee and ate less at meals. The research team hypothesized that caffeine affects the hormones leptin and peptide YY, which affect satiety. Another Study showed that after doubling their caffeine consumption, subjects not only reduced their weight but also their body fat percentage.
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Editor’s note

The tricks and information mentioned in this article cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. The information in no way replaces professional advice and is not intended for independent diagnosis or treatment.

Doctor explains: Help with losing weight only with “black coffee” – timing is also important

As the medic Dr. Johannes Wimmer opposite NDR stated that coffee only helps you lose weight “if you stick to black coffee”. The expert advises against the variants with milk, sugar and syrup. According to Wimmer, these ingredients are often “real calorie bombs”.

At the same time also plays the time of day when coffee is drunk, in weight loss an important role. Accordingly, experts recommend drinking coffee before 3 p.m. to achieve a positive effect – preferably in the morning between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., because that is when the cortisol level in the body is lowest and the coffee can be processed well. Sport and a healthy diet also support weight loss.

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