Can extreme adventures be allowed in school? Dinamalar

Madurai- The transport department feels that it is unnecessary to conduct illegal motorcycle stunts in schools. It is very welcome for school students to perform sports and encourage them by the school management, teachers and parents.

As a result, students will become more interested in sports and become capable students. But that interest should not be dangerous and excessive. Recently, in a sports festival of a school in Chokkikulam area, 4 people on a single bike achieved a feat.

Similarly, in Nagamalai Pudukottai, the students have achieved success in a two-wheeler in a road event related to drug eradication. In this way, students below 18 years of age are breaking the rules of the road by riding motorcycles and gear vehicles. Administrations prohibiting two-wheelers in schools that teach road safety awareness, sports competitions and annual festivals should not encourage such illegal games, the regional transport department is concerned.

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