Can I still use Twitter if Apple removes the app from iPhones?

Elon Musknew owner and chief executive of Twitterhas claimed that Apple has threatened to remove the app from its official device store, the App Store. The company of iPhoneFurthermore, I would have done it without sharing the reasons with the application of the little bird.

ABC has contacted Apple to inquire about its plans regarding Twitter. Technology, for the moment, has not made any comment on the matter. Be that as it may, in the event that, finally, the application disappears from the official Apple signature store, nobody should despair. You will still be able to use the social network on your iPhone and iPad if you want.. But let’s go in parts.

As Josep Albors, head of research at the cybersecurity company ESET, explains in conversation with ABC, in the event that Apple decided to remove Twitter from its store, users would not be able to download the platform on their iPhones. However, those who already have may continue to use it, at least for a while.

Little by little, as new versions of the application come out, Twitter would lose functionality. Security gaps could not be patched by updates, which is a risk. With the passage of time, the application would end up losing functionality and using it would become impossible, “says the expert.

What, according to Albors, Apple could not prevent is that Twitter users continue to visit the social network through the browser of your devices. “The user experience, yes, would become somewhat more uncomfortable than in the application,” acknowledges the expert.

The precedent of ‘Fortnite’

Other tools vetoed by Apple, such as ‘Fortnite’ have managed in the past to bypass the obstacles of the apple firm to allow users who want to continue using them. The popular online video game, which continues to attract millions of users no matter how much time passes, has not been present in the App Store for more than two years.

The commissions that the apple company charges developers for in-app purchases, which can reach 30%, motivated Epic, the company behind ‘Fortnite’, to launch an alternative payment platform at the time. Since then, the relationship between the two technology companies has been more than strained.

Although downloading the video game application on iPhone is impossible, the user can play it on their devices if they use third-party platforms such as the cloud gaming service from Xbox xCloud o NVIDIA GeForce Now.

In the case of Twitter, since it is not a video game, it would be enough for the Internet user to resort to Google or any other search engine. It should be remembered that, unlike Google, Apple does not allow the use of alternative application stores to the official oneso the Internet user has no means of downloading applications from outside the Apple ecosystem.


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