Can we get climate change under control through high heating costs?

BerlinLast week we opened the heating season. It was 18 degrees in the living room. I would have held out a little longer, even in my fluttering body. But women are, at least average, chilblains. It’s not sexism, it’s biophysics. In addition, my wife is not yet mature enough in terms of climate protection to lounge in front of the television in turtlenecks and woolen socks. Next door, our son was practicing on the dartboard and barring that he couldn’t throw well with clammy fingers. I solemnly pressed the gas boiler toggle switch and started burning the fossil fuel. Mid-October isn’t too early for that, is it?

Two hours later, in the living room it was now 20 degrees, the “daily themes” were running. Detlef Flintz made the comment as follows: “It’s there, the price shock. Good this way. Because only if oil and gas become noticeably more expensive can we get global warming under control. ”“ We ”, who“ like junkies ”cling to cheap fossil fuels,“ should be happy that we are being forced to stop consuming and producing change. ”Many viewers found his grim enthusiasm disturbing. Above all, the word “we” alienated me. It conjured up a national gas consumer community that exists at best within the consciousness of the editor.

However, if by “we” Mr Flintz only meant the participants in a WDR management seminar, then I will take everything back. The man is a long-serving and senior executive of the station. The “price shock” is unlikely to be noticeable for his salary group. All the more daring is the idea of ​​selling expensive energy as an achievement to the fee payers who are mostly far less earning. I am absolutely in favor of journalists not talking to people by their mouths. It is a different matter to integrate the audience into a pleasurable self-flagellation ceremony without being asked. When flagellants roamed the country in the Middle Ages to whip their sins out of their bodies, the point was that it really hurt them and not the audience along the way.

That being said, it doesn’t do the reputation of the public service broadcaster if employees insist that life is far too cheap for their incomes. Some time ago, Flintz ‘WDR colleague Lorenz Beckhardt, also via “Tagesthemen”, implored politicians: “Make meat, driving and flying so damn expensive that we can get away with it. Please. Fast. ”His problem is that he likes to eat grilled meat and fly to the coral reefs on a diving vacation. He is a consumer junkie and “everyone knows addicts need help”.

These are hardships. I live in an apartment building. A climate-friendly heat pump heating system is difficult to imagine here. Having to pay for the installation of a solar roof with a modernization fee does not seem attractive to me. Even the facade insulation increased the rent by 100 euros. For this to pay off halfway, the gas price would have to triple. Should I wish that? Higher prices only have a steering effect if there are alternatives. If not, it just gets more expensive. It may be that it has to be. But – so much for addiction – I definitely don’t smoke enough crack to be happy about it.


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