Can we live happily without making love?

Can we live happily without making love?

PSYCHOLOGY – Suspicious, taboo or even considered bad for health, sexual abstinence is often viewed with suspicion. Some people are quite happy with it…

“There is great violence in the way society treats people who, by choice or by curse, do not have sex in their lives,” believes Chantal, 60, in the documentary “No Sex” recently broadcast on Arte. “Not having sex is perceived as problematic: those who don’t have sex are stigmatized as losers”, deplores for her part the journalist Aline Laurent-Mayard, 35, who tells in her podcast “Free from desire” (Paradiso Media, 2022) the long road which allowed her to finally assume her asexuality, or lack of attraction sexual. Even if we talk about it more openly today, sexual abstinence is still largely taboo, suspect, even considered a health risk. “Overrepresented in the media or advertising, sexuality is praised as an indicator of success on the same level as social or professional success, which can create performance anxiety in anyone who…

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