can you come back hours after death this new research seems to have found something unbelievable

Can you believe that a dead soul can be brought back to life? How is that possible? Death means the cessation of heart and brain functions! These two organs are functioning without rest and the lifeblood itself is functioning.

But today’s science says that a life can be revived within a few hours after death. We must also consider how science describes how this is possible, even if it is a little hard to believe.

Research with pigs

Scientists have conducted research on reviving dead animals using pigs. The study showed that the pigs were able to restore the function of cells and organs and restore blood flow a full hour after death.

Scientists from the University of Yale School of Medicine in the United States have conducted this study. After this study was successfully performed last Wednesday, a related article appeared in the journal Nature.

Useful for humans

How the results of the Yale University study can be useful to humans is described. That is, it is said to help maintain the health of a human’s organs during surgery, and extend the life-time of organ donors.

Important signs that indicate that your child needs immediate medical attention..!

“Not all cells die immediately,” said David Andrijevic, associate research scientist at Yale University and co-leader of the research team. It consists of many consecutive events. “We can interrupt or stop this continuous process and bring some cells back into motion,” he said.

Earlier, in another study conducted by Yale University, they revived the brains of dead pigs. The present study is a continuation of that study.

How was the study conducted?

Anesthetized pigs were euthanized by cardiac arrest. An hour later, the pig was given a treatment to improve the health of the cells in the pig’s body with a device similar to that used in heart and lung surgery.

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