Canaries: dogs surrounded by lava from Cumbre Vieja mysteriously disappear

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The case fascinates Spain. Four dogs who had found themselves trapped by lava flows on the island of La Palma, have mysteriously vanished.

In images that had been circulating on the Internet for a few days, we could see these emaciated hunting dogs, and stranded in a kind of enclosure where lava walls had formed from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, near the town of Todoque.

Concerned about the fate of these canines, the inhabitants of the island of La Palma, but also of the rest of the Canary Islands and beyond, had launched an appeal to come to their aid. Supported by animal rights associations, the company Aerocameras, responded positively, after having benefited from the agreement of the authorities to exfiltrate the dogs using a giant drone weighing fifty kilos and equipped with a large rigid net. .

Yet last Thursday, when the company sent a drone over the area, the dogs were nowhere to be found. This Friday, the company therefore decided to stop its rescue operation.

She let it be known through her Twitter account “that after having carried out reconnaissance missions by covering the entire security perimeter where the dogs were to be located, she can affirm that her drones did not detect any trace of the animals”.

Surprise rescue

A mystery disappearance that coincides with “traces of people entering the prohibited area”, which had been noticed last Thursday by Aerocameras.

A video that appeared on the Internet appears to testify to a surprise rescue worthy of television.

If it remains anonymous, it nevertheless reveals aerial images of the area of ​​the empty enclosure, where there is a white tarpaulin stretched over a low wall and bearing the inscription: “Courage La Palma. The dogs are doing well ”. A message signed “The All Risk Agency”, which is reminiscent of the cult series of the 80s.

For many, this is an action led by animal rights activists. According to the animal aid association,, which was responsible for reporting these isolated and starving canines in early October, they were taken care of by one of the relatives of the owner (s).

However, the police and local authorities did not confirm this information.

For its part, has decided to open an online fundraiser to help rescue these four dogs, which totals more than 15,000 euros.

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