candidates in Guadeloupe before the election, date and photos

Small accident in Guadeloupe for Miss Picardie

November 28, 2022 at 11:31 a.m. – Preparation for the Miss France competition continues in Guadeloupe. The candidates have been there for a week already, in order to indulge in several group activities, learn the fundamentals for a future Miss, or even to take the general culture test or indulge in the photoshoot in a swimsuit. During this preparation trip, the participants also shoot their portraits, which will be broadcast on the evening of the election, December 17, 2022. However, one of them had a mishap during the stay and not everything went well. did not go as expected.

Le Parisien tells us that Bérénice Legendre, representative of Picardy, was bitten by an insect the night before the shooting of her portrait. According to the national daily, Miss Picardie had to go to the infirmary to treat her swollen eyelid. The shooting was thus postponed to this Sunday, before the return to France. From then on, the preparation will continue with the grand orals before the juries which will determine the 15 finalists who will be submitted to the public vote on December 17.


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