‘Cannabis Conquers Teenagers; The beginning was smoking, invited to intoxication by friends’- Drug usage| Survey report Excise department Manorama News

‘Cannabis Conquers Teenagers;  The beginning was smoking, invited to intoxication by friends’- Drug usage|  Survey report  Excise department  Manorama News

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Excise department’s survey report that ganja is the most used drug by teenagers. Cannabis comes from smoking. 79% of individuals first get drugs from friends. According to the survey report, majority of people started using drugs to know what it is.

The study was conducted on 600 people who were caught in drug cases and who came for treatment at Vimukti’s de-addiction centers and counseling centers. All are under the age of 19. 155 people are accused. 376 people have come for treatment at Vimukti district de-addiction centers, counseling centers in Kozhikode, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. 69 people belong to both categories.

Excise officers collected information from those caught for crime and psychologists from those who came for treatment. The report has been prepared keeping the children’s privacy completely.

Excise survey report released by Local Self Government Excise Minister MB Rajesh.

Key findings of the survey

1) and 97% of those surveyed had used drugs at least once.

2) Cannabis was the main substance, accounting for 82% of drug use. 75.66% used smoking, 64.66% used alcohol and 25.5% used narcotic pills. Currently 77.16% are smokers. 69.5% use alcohol and 63.5% use cannabis.

3) The majority started using drugs to learn what addiction was, 78%. 72% used drugs due to influence and 51.5% in hopes of getting pleasure.

4) 78.1% people got drunk through smoking. 36.66% of those who first used alcohol and 16.33% of those who used ganja.

5) 79% of individuals first get drugs from friends. 5% first got drug from family members. 38.16% of the respondents have handed over drugs to their friends.

6) 70% first used drugs between the ages of ten and fifteen. Between 15 and 19 years of drug use etc. 20%. 9% started drug use under the age of ten.

7) 46% of individuals use intoxicating substances more than once a day.

8) 80% of people use drugs with their friends. 20% use drugs alone. There are 35.16% people who use drugs when they are under stress.

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9) 94.16% of individuals consume intoxicants by smoking.

10) 77.16 % individuals are currently using tobacco products.

11) 61.5% of drug users have dry mouth syndrome. Fatigue 52%. 38.6% have sleep related problems. 37% have violent behavior, 8.8% have depression and 8.6% have memory problems.

12) Only 4.83 % of the persons involved in the cases (37.3 %) were involved in drug-related offenses more than twice.

13) 16.66% opined that the reason for getting ready to use drugs again and drug trafficking is due to addiction to drugs. 11.16% were of the opinion that economic problems were behind them.

14) 39.83% of those involved in drug offenses have regrets.

15) 38.16% of the accused have enticed their friends to use drugs.

16) 41.5% of the accused have undergone counselling.

17) 30.78% of the accused have undergone treatment.

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18) 32% of those who have recovered through drug addiction treatment have expressed their interest to participate in the various programs of Vimukti Mission and to get their friends to undergo counseling and treatment as well.

19) 87.33% of those who recovered indicated counseling as an important factor in reducing drug use.

20) 58.16 % of the recoveries indicate that strong enforcement measures are the main factor in controlling drug trafficking.

English Summary: Youth drug usage; Excise Survey Report


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