Capital Market: What will the fruit agency look like in the NBA?

The NBA is on a three-month hiatus, or in other words – a time when all league fans live from report to report. Starting tonight (Thursday-Friday) at 01:00 the news from America will pick up gear when the opening shot of the Perry Agency, the free agent market, is heard.

Already yesterday, even before the wave of signings and surprises before us, Atlanta landed a “bomb” when it added to the trade the San Antonio All-Star Jonata Marie and created a deadly back line along with Trey Young. After the Hawks who gave up their more distant future to get better here and now, more teams will want to follow in their footsteps and they will do so with moves we will start hearing about in the coming hours.

We will immediately talk in depth about the prominent names in the market that may find a new home, and also about the overarching goal of each of the 30 groups, but first of all – Here is a list of the best free agents in the summer of 2022:

* James Harden (expected to stay in Philadelphia)
* Bradley Bill (expected to stay in Washington)
* Zack Lavine (expected to stay in Chicago)
* John Wall (on the way to the Los Angeles Clippers)
* Jaylen Bronson
* Diandra Eyton
Miles Bridges
Colin Sexton
* Bobby Fortis
Gary Harris
* Patty Mills
Ricky Rubio
* TJ Warren
* Mitchell Robinson
Chris Shame
* Anfrani Simmons
* PJ Tucker
* Mo Bamba
* Yusuf Norkic
* Dennis Schroeder
* Victor Oladipo
* Tios Jones
Jabeil Maggie
Carmelo Anthony
Dwight Howard
Gary Peyton
Kwon Looney
* Auto Porter Jr.
Caleb Martin
Malik Monk
* Lou Dort
* Andre Drummond
* Marvin Bagley
Montreux Earl
*Joe Ingles
* Goran Dragic
Demarcus Cousins
* Hassan Whiteside
* Thomas Bryant
* Nick Claxton
* Isaiah Hartenstein
* Torian Prince
* Theeus Young
* Bruce Brown
* Kyle Anderson
* Jason Tate
* Wesley Matthews
Donta Divincenzo
* Nicola Atom

The Big 3
After Kyrie Irving decided to exercise his player option and stay in Brooklyn, Perry Agency’s 2022 round has three big stars left, but it should be a serious surprise for one of them to leave his current home. Let’s start with the Bradley Bill saga coming to an end, with all roads leading to a huge $ 251 million contract in Washington for five seasons. Bill is already 29 years old and he is incapable of being the first violin in a winning team, so do not be surprised if in a few years this contract will look like one of the worst in the league. And don’t be surprised if he asks to leave the trade after a season-two without a playoff.

More surprisingly, James Harden did not exercise his player option ($ 47.4 million) to cut his salary and sign a new contract that would allow Philadelphia to make a number of moves that would strengthen the roster. After a disappointing playoff, Harden started his summer training earlier than usual with it all focused on winning his first championship of his career.

The latest shooting guard in the star triangle is Zack Lavine, who is expected to sign a new contract in Chicago worth about $ 215 million over five years ($ 55 million more than any other team can offer him). The Bulls management recently made it clear that they will do whatever it takes to keep Lavin, who averages an average of over 25 points per game in the last four seasons.

Jaylen Bronson
Who until a few weeks ago was Luca Doncic’s partner in the back line in Dallas, on his way to becoming the hot name in New York. Bronson, who averaged 16.3 points last year (21.6 in the playoffs) and led the NBA with 52 percent in the Plotters, stands out as the Knicks’ next quarterback to make worlds and make several controversial moves to offer him $ 110 million for four seasons. Too much money? Will harm the future of the club and the rest of the young people? Do not look for logic in Madison Square Garden.

Diandra Eyton (restricted free agent)
Worth a maximum contract or not worth a maximum contract? This is the question that surrounds the first pick in the 2018 draft, because after four years in its ranks Phoenix claims that Eyton does not justify the money he wants, while there are a number of other teams willing to put their hand in their pocket. Last season Eighton scored 17 points per game on 63 percent from the field and 10 rebounds, in all four seasons he averaged a double-double with 60 percent from the field overall, but the Suns are convinced there are other cheap chins that can fill the gap.

Miles Bridges (Limited Free Player)
One of the nominees for last season’s improving player jumped his averages from 12.7 points to 20.2, earning about $ 5 million. He will soon receive a significant salary upgrade, with the Charlotte management admitting that they plan to keep Bridges. Detroit has been nominated as a candidate to land the athlete forward and bring him home to Michigan, but the deal does not appear to be coming to fruition. Bridges was arrested last night by Los Angeles police for violence against a woman and released on $ 130,000 bail, and now the question is whether it will affect his new contract / the interest of other groups in it.

Colin Sexton (Limited Free Player)
Perhaps the least valued player in the market. Following the severe knee injury that caused him to miss almost all of last season, many have forgotten how talented Sexton is. The 23-year-old Cleveland guard has reached his contract season after averaging 24.3 points in 2020/21, and he will try to restore that ability in order to be one of the best scorers in the world. Sexton is looking for at least $ 20 million a season, and the Cubs, who have done fine without him and seen Darius Garland flourish all the way to the All-Star, may tell him to look for another place to play.

The ultimate goal of any group, in law

Atlanta: Find the best trade for John Collins, who will be seen on the way out.

Boston: Sign a coordinator and strengthen the bench with 2-3 proven players, like TJ Warren for example.

Brooklyn: To sign Eyton, it was reported last night that the young chin may arrive as part of the “Sign & Trade”.

Charlotte: Compare any offer Miles Bridges gets in order to keep him and keep the “Airbnb” duo with Lamello Ball.

Chicago: To leave Zack Lavin and land a defensive high that will be a worthy replacement for Nikola Wojciech.

Detroit: Assuming she gave up on Bridges – to leave Marvin Bagley to join a refreshing quintet with Cade Cunningham, Jayden Ivy, Sadick Bay and Jaylen Dorn.

Cleveland: Trying to get Colin Sexton to sign a contract worth less than $ 20 million and bring back Ricky Rubio.

Dallas: Slovenian Union – to sign Goran Dragic.

Denver: Return Gary Harris on a $ 6 million contract or sign Victor Oladipo.

Golden State: Keep Kwon Looney, Gary Peyton and Otto Porter Jr..

Houston: Attach Mo Bamba and get a blocking chin that will replace Alpern Shengon.

Indiana: Trade Malcolm Brogdon and Miles Turner and get as many assets for the future as possible.

Los Angeles Clippers: After John Wall – to sign Isaiah Hartenstein on a new contract and try to keep Nicola Batum and Amir Kofi as well.

Los Angeles Lakers: Change the team’s DNA and instill fighting through players like PJ Tucker.

Memphis: Leave out Tios Jones and join Bruce Brown from Brooklyn.

Miami: Land Donovan Mitchell, Tyler Hiro (eligible for contract extension) to trade in Utah?

Milwaukee: Leave Bobby Fortis and add to the power forward bench with a shot, such as Otto Porter Jr..

Minnesota: Trade DiAngelo Russell and give the keys to Tios Jones who started his career at Timberwolves.

New Orleans: Extend a contract to Zion Williamson and attach a three-pointer (only 33% off the arc as a team last season) in the style of Malik Monk.

New York: Complete the Jaylen Bronson deal and leave Mitchell Robinson.

Oklahoma City: Leave Lou Dort and sign Thomas Bryant of Washington.

Orlando: Open your pocket and sign Anfrani Simmons (Portland can compare any offer).

Philadelphia: To unite PJ Tucker and Daryl Murray and James Harden.

Phoenix: Pay Diandra Eyton or find a good enough B plan with an opening chin that will work alongside Chris Paul.

Portland: To continue on the same line from the draft when they selected Sheydon Sharp and do everything that will make Damien Lillard happy.

Sacramento: To sign Small Forward (Caleb Martin?) To help the infamous California club qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2006.

San Antonio: Find a time machine, run the upcoming season and pray that Victor Wombanyama will fall into her hands in June 2023.

Toronto: Attach Center, in Canada dreaming of a trade for Rudy Gover.

jute: Do not get stuck in the middle – make a decision about the future of the club and act accordingly.

Washington: Give the pen to Bradley Bill and look for another ball carrier, maybe Dennis Schroeder.


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