Capitol Hill, car against police at the US Congress in Washington

Fear a Capitol Hill a Washington, United States, after a car hit two policemen near the US Congress: one of the two officers was killed, the other was injured. The driver of the car was then killed by the shots fired by the agents. The incident does not appear to be linked to terrorism. This is what the police said during a short press release.

Update at 20:59

Attack on Capitol Hill

According to an initial reconstruction the man’s car would have crashed into one of the barriers placed to protect the area of Capitol Hill after having run over the two agents.

The driver would then get out of the vehicle, perhaps with a knife in his hands, at which point shots would have gone off.

Man armed with a knife

The police of Capitol Hill he said officers opened fire on the man who, after running over the two policemen, crashed his car into a security barrier and got out of the car brandishing a knife.

The National Guard also intervened in the area, while the FBI is collaborating with the police in managing the situation. On the spot the lockdown.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell tweeted in response to the events on Capitol Hill pointing out that members of Congress inside the building are still gathering information about what happened near the Congress building where a man aboard a vehicle ran over two police officers.

“We pray for the Capitol Police officers who were attacked,” McConnell wrote, “we are still learning what happened.”

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