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Patna: In Nalanda, Bihar, a young man was abducted and married at gunpoint. Nitish Kumar, a native of Dhanuki, had approached the police with a complaint that he had threatened her and married her. A video of his wedding has also surfaced on social media.

The incident took place days ago in Paraho village in Nalanda. On November 11, Nitish Kumar went to his wife’s house for Chhat Puja. On his way back to his home from here, the young man complained that he was abducted by a group of armed men and taken hostage and forced into marriage.

He was allegedly beaten and threatened at gunpoint when he tried to resist. The young man says he was held captive in the village all night that day. He had lodged a complaint at the police station yesterday.

Meanwhile, video footage of the incident has been widely circulated on social media. It shows a young man being beaten and threatened with having a wedding. The bride and groom, as well as many others, can be seen in the scenes, including women and children.

Station House Officer Jitendra Kumar said an inquiry has been started into the youth’s complaint.

Content Highlights: bihar man filed complaint he says he was taken hostage and forcefully married off


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