Car dealers consider September car sales statistics unreasonably optimistic

The dynamics of contracting by dealers of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) in September decreased by 4.9% versus August, follows from the data of the Russian Auto Dealers Association (RoAD). At the same time, the contracting index, which takes into account data on the termination of contracts, decreased during the reporting period by 9% (i.e., the number of terminated contracts increased), according to the data of RoAD. The association does not provide absolute figures.

The statistics on the number of new passenger cars and LCV sold in Russia is maintained by the Automobile Manufacturers’ Committee of the Association of European Businesses (AEB). According to him, the market in September fell by 22.6%, or 34 924 cars, relative to the same month of 2020. A total of 119 485 cars were sold. The chairman of the committee, Thomas Stärzel, attributed this to a shortage of cars in the market, associated with a shortage of microchips from automakers and other factors. For example, with the rising cost of raw materials and the energy crisis in China and the UK. Car sales in Russia also fell in August – by 17%, or 23 387 units, by August last year, to 114 130 cars, the AEB reported. But it turns out that this September, in comparison with the previous month, showed an increase in sales by 4.7%, or by 5355 cars. Thus, the difference between the actual sales growth according to the AEB version and the contracting dynamics calculated by RoAD was 9.6 percentage points.



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