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The impact of the EU’s cross-border carbon regulation (CBAM) on the Russian economy will be greater than previously estimated, according to a study by the Energy Center of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. “SVAM is still mainly viewed as a problem of export-oriented metallurgists, however, in our opinion, this is only the“ first call ”so far: in the future, absolutely all companies in all sectors of the Russian economy will be directly or indirectly affected by it,” says the director of the center Irina Gaida The study indicates that CBAM will seriously affect the competitiveness of exporters from other countries. They will have to simultaneously make the transition to low-carbon development and pay for the emissions of goods exported to the EU. In addition, despite the fact that CBAM payments are proposed to be levied only from 2026, and at the first stage only producers of metals, fertilizers, electricity and cement fall under them, hydrocarbons may also be within the regulatory perimeter – if in the future we take into account ….


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