Carrefour raclette cheese recalled throughout France

Be careful if you have made purchases for a raclette in recent days. The Carrefour group is recalling raclette cheese throughout France, sold in 400 g trays and marketed by its distributor brand Carrefour Original due to a risk of listeria contamination. The batches affected by this massive recall had been sold since August 23, they were removed from the shelves on Tuesday.

“Only products bearing the stamp FR 22 061 015 CE are concerned” by this suspicion of contamination and therefore the recall, specifies the Rappel-Conso site. If you own this product, do not consume it and bring it back to the store where you will be reimbursed for your purchase.

People who have consumed this product and who have fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches, and body aches, are invited to consult their doctor and report this consumption. Pregnant women as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly are invited to be particularly attentive to these symptoms, since listeriosis can have even more serious consequences for these people.


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