Cars from the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” put up for sale

A collection of 13 cars from the fantasy film “Mad Max: Fury Road” was put up for sale, it follows from information from Lloyds Classic Car Auctions.

You can only buy a complete collection of cars, according to the website of the auction house. The starting price of the collection was not disclosed, but it is reported that the auction house also accepts cryptocurrency as payment.

The application with proposals for the price will close on September 26, the future owner of the collection is guaranteed complete confidentiality. Also, the auction house undertakes to deliver the entire batch of cars anywhere in the world.

After the filming of the picture, the cars with all the fake weapons were stored at one of the junk parking lots in Australia, where the shooting took place, writes the Motor1 edition.

For example, among them is the four-axle Doof Dragon truck with multiple speakers, as well as the Gigahorse SUV.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a post-apocalyptic action movie by Australian director George Miller, the fourth in a series of films about Max Rockatansky.

More than 100 unique vehicles were designed and built for the shooting, which were designed by concept artist Peter Pound. Modified chassis and units of production vehicles were used as a basis.



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