Carsten Breuer is to head the crisis team

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Now Germany also has a kind of corona general. Just like Italy, where the Corona vaccination campaign was entrusted to the mountain hunter Francesco Paolo Figliuolo in September. Quite successfully, and that’s probably why the idea is now being copied in Germany. Carsten Breuer, major general in the Bundeswehr, is to head the Corona crisis team planned by the new coalition.

This is primarily an organizational task and in this respect the idea of ​​using the logistics specialist Breuer for it does not seem completely absurd. The 56-year-old is in charge of the Bundeswehr’s Territorial Tasks command, which is responsible, among other things, for cooperation between military forces and civil organizations in Germany. And it’s not his first Corona mission either.

Nevertheless, he will now first have to prove that this person is not just propaganda – a transparent maneuver to restore lost trust in the coordinated and targeted action of a government in turn. But of course that also applies to the entire crisis team. So far, the powers of the crisis team are still unclear – as well as who should belong to it.

Carsten Breuer will probably approach things carefully as usual, in a friendly manner, without spreading hectic and alarming moods. At least that’s how we got to know him last year when the Berliner Zeitung visited him in the Julius Leber barracks in Wedding, from where the pandemic deployment of soldiers across the country was coordinated under his command. Breuer has been at the head of the command based in the Weddinger barracks for three years, including 20,000 soldiers and civilian employees, as well as around 10,000 reservists.

Carsten Breuer said at the time that he particularly liked the surprising thing about his work that he had to constantly adapt to new situations in disaster relief. Incidentally, it is not new that a military representative heads a Corona crisis team. The government’s previous crisis team had already been led by a general. It was the general staff doctor Hans-Ulrich Holtherm.


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