Caruso jr: “First time at San Carlo, so I break the family tradition”

twelve o’clock, July 7, 2021 – 4:26 pm

After the whistles (real or presumed) to the tenorissimo, no Caruso had entered
in the Neapolitan Massimo. Yesterday, says the great-grandson, the pacification took place

of Natasha Festa

It took the centenary of Enrico Caruso’s death to break the anathema that weighed between the surname Caruso and the Teatro di San Carlo. After the well-known story of the public whistles of the Neapolitan Opera to the famous tenor – real, presumed or legendary, however heavy – a fracture had been consummated that seemed incurable. The establishment of the National Committee for the Centenary Celebrations chaired by Franco Iacono, with its program brought to the baptism yesterday by Minister Dario Franceschini at the San Carlo has dissolved the old tension: yesterday, for the first time in over a century, a Enrico Caruso, the great-grandson who came from Viareggio, has set foot on the Massimo. “This is the first time I’ve set foot at the San Carlo. So far I have kept the family tradition according to which the Carusos no longer had to enter this theater due to the past of my ancestor. I broke this sort of mandate with great emotion ».

Franceschini: a museum for Caruso

For Franceschini: «Caruso is a symbol of Naples and of Italy in the world but he has not been adequately remembered. I was therefore very happy to accept the requests and to set up the Committee. Naples must have a museum to remember the great tenor. We will work for this with the Region and the Municipality: it seems to me something that the Republic owes to Caruso. A full program of activities in many cities seems to me the right way to honor it ».

“Let’s name the Naples airport”

There would also be another one suggested by Iacono and Franceschini immediately collects: the title of the Capodichino airport to Enrico Caruso. «It would be an important recognition, the proposal convinces me. Together with a museum it could lead to complete reconciliation between Caruso and the city that the singer has never stopped loving, so much so that he came here in his last days ».

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