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CASETiFY Unveils Disney and Pixar Animation Toy Story Co-branded Accessories

The internationally renowned fashion accessories brand CASETiFY, which is about to open a physical store in Taiwan, has now announced that it will launch a series of electronic and lifestyle accessories carefully designed with the theme of a beautiful friendship based on the popular Disney and Pixar movie “Toy Story”. Bring the joyful world and toy characters of Toy Story into everyday life. From now on, fans who love “Toy Story” can join the priority purchase list on the CASETiFY official website, and enjoy the priority purchase qualification when it is officially released worldwide on August 16, becoming the partner of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and toys!

Since 1995, the Toy Story franchise has been beloved by fans of all ages, celebrating and commemorating lifelong friendships. In order to let fans relive the best childhood memories, the Pixar x CASETiFY joint series has created a series of customized electronic accessories with the theme of “Toy Story”. In the styles of mobile phone cases and ultra-strong anti-fall bamboo fiber phone cases, explore Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Tracy, Spring Dog, Mr. and Mrs. Egghead, Huobaolong, Ham, Shepherdess, Lively figures of Red Heart, Three-eyed Monster, Xiong Baoge, Fork Qi, Duck Ba and Rabbit. This joint series also uses the classic elements in the “Toy Story” series of movies including Pixar Ball, Woody’s Sheriff’s badge, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Medal and Asher’s skull badge as inspiration, and launched a variety of exclusive designs. ‘s electronic accessories, among which A Xue’s skull badge design products will be sold exclusively on the CASETiFY Co-Lab App two weeks after the official launch of the joint series. In addition, the co-branded series has launched a limited edition iPhone shatter-resistant phone case with a three-dimensional silicone material inspired by the clouds on the wallpaper of Andy’s room, the protagonist of the animated movie, starting at $1,550.

“Over the past two years, we have partnered with Disney and Pixar Animation to launch several best-selling co-branded series, and we are delighted to be working with Disney and Pixar Animation again to bring the Toy Story franchise to life,” said Peishen Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of CASETiFY. Iconic toy characters from the film are incorporated into a co-branded collection that celebrates the pure friendship that people of all generations have had.”

This joint series of mobile phone cases is suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel and other models, and also launched a variety of electronic and life accessories, such as various generations of AirPods protective cases, AirTag rings, Apple Watch straps, wireless chargers, MacBook protective cases, Electronic accessories such as iPad cases, Nintendo Switch cases, and more, with a full range of accessories starting at $1,000. Fans can also purchase an exclusive colorful beaded mobile phone charm with spring dog, ham, hugging dragon and three-eyed monster pattern charms, priced at $1,450.

The Pixar x CASETiFY joint series with the theme of “Toy Story” will be officially released on the CASETiFY Taiwan official website on August 16, and provide delivery services to more than 100 countries around the world; consumers can use the CASETiFY Co-Lab app ( Currently only available on the App Store).


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