Cashback remains. The Senate rejected the Brothers of Italy motion to stop the measure, aimed at encouraging the use of digital payments. There were 114 senators against the request of Giorgia Meloni’s party, in favor of 20. The Lega, Forza Italia and Italia Viva abstained.

“There are 23 billions that are estimated in terms of higher consumption in the two-year period, based on the numbers produced since cashback has existed. Nine, on the other hand, the billions of higher revenues between now and 2025. It is a self-financing measure” a post by the deputy minister to Mef Laura Castelli. “This is a measure to support consumption. If you know you can recover a part of what you spend, you are more inclined to buy”. Furthermore, Cashback “is radically changing the habits of Italians, in fact digital payments of small amounts (ie under 10 euros) have increased by 34% and those made at local stores, such as food, by 56%, by clearing customs so the electronic money from its use only towards the large distribution or e-commerce “.

The other reason, perhaps even wider, he stresses, “concerns the access of Italians to the digital world, that simplification of the country necessary to improve people’s lives. Joining the Cashback has pushed 8 million citizens (in just three months ) to activate their ‘Spid’ digital identity, which will increasingly represent the key to access all the services of the PA and communicate with it, making it easy to approach the services of Agenzia dell’Entrate, INPS, PagoPa and other entities public in general “.

CONDITIONS AND METHODS – The minimum number of transactions to be made in the period to obtain the refund is 50. For each period of the program, a maximum refund of 150 euros can be obtained, equal to 300 per year. There is no minimum amount of expenditure. Each purchase made with cards and payment App, registered for Cashback purposes, accumulates 10% of the amount spent, up to a maximum of 15 euros per single transaction. Accumulated Cashback will only be available if the minimum number of valid transactions is reached at the end of the period.

HOW TO REGISTER – You must have the SPID (digital identity) or, alternatively, the Electronic Identity Card (CIE 3.0) combined with the PIN you received at the time of issue. Download the IO App: after downloading and installing the application on your smartphone or tablet, you must log in using your SPID credentials or with your CIE combined with the PIN. You can also register for the Cashback Program through your bank, post office or other card issuer and payment app. When registering for Cashback, you will have to enter: the identification details of one or more credit cards, debit or prepaid cards (Amex, Bancomat, Diners, Maestro, Mastercard, PostePay, VISA, V-Pay) or activate the Cashback on the your Satispay account. It also works with the Apple Pay account, Google Pay and also other types of cards and Apps that will join the initiative; the IBAN code of the account on which you want to receive refunds.

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