Cashback, Draghi rejects the extension to 2022. Only the M5s in favor, cost 3 billion

Cashback, Draghi rejects the extension to 2022. Only the M5s in favor, cost 3 billion

The Draghi government is engaged on two main fronts. On the one hand, in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, in particular, the concentration of the new prime minister is all on the European front, to obtain as many vaccines as possible. The other big issue is the economic crisis generated by this emergency, in order to face it, the former president of the ECB evaluates alternative measures to those proposed by Conte and his previous government. Cashback, for example, – reads the press – launched in the last months of his experience as prime minister. When the lawyer inaugurated it, he certainly could not have imagined that after only a few months he would be forced to defend him as the political leader of the M5S. And the grillini, most likely, will have to do the same. They have already begun, in reality, because the siege of almost all the other parties is gathering around cashback, both by the very large majority that supports the government of Mario Draghi, and, in the opposition, by Fratelli d’Italia. And, in fact, it is considering making a “coupon” to the cashless plan in the budget law.

This means – continues the Press – that until December the law passed by the Conte government, expiring in June 2022, will hardly be changed. In the financial, however, it could be decided to cancel the last 6 months foreseen next year or to resize the perimeter of expenses. The parties, except the M5S, are calling for resources to be diverted elsewhere. The Democratic Party does so, in the formula expressed by the former Deputy Minister of the Treasury Antonio Misiani, who had had to swallow with many doubts the measure dear to his former head of the government. “We need to choose priorities, the 3 billion allocated in 2022 for cashback is better diverted to programs to fight poverty. With part of that money, an extraordinary program of “citizenship work” can be financed for those who qualify for income, entrusting the municipalities and the third sector with the organization of projects “.


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