Cashback, false start: “The Io app doesn’t work, it’s a shame”

Many have tried to register without success – Ansa /Courier TV

State Cashback at the start starting today on expenses with credit cards, apps and ATMs but the Io app, through which you have to register the payment methods and the IBAN of the bank account to which you will receive the refund, is still clogged and in many cases it doesn’t allow to register the cards at all. In a shopping street in Rome, passersby are divided between those who did not know anything about the initiative and those who, the majority, failed to take advantage of the incentive despite having tried to register: “It’s not working – said a boy -, it gives me a series of errors “. A lady explained: “I didn’t succeed, it’s a shame because I’ve spent a lot of money around and I won’t get anything back.”



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