Catalonia’s beekeeping sector rewards the best honeys

Catalonia’s beekeeping sector rewards the best honeys

2023-05-23 19:45:38

The beekeeping sector of Catalonia celebrated World Bee Day on Saturday at the Santa Caterina market in Barcelona with various events and activities aimed at consumers. The day included a round table in which the problems facing beekeeping today were discussed. Josexu Rodríguez, beekeeper, participated; Antonio Gómez, technical advisor in beekeeping; Josep Maria Inglés, technician of the Association of Beekeepers of Lleida; Xavier Munill, environmentalist and beekeeper; Mercè Soler, deputy director general of Livestock of the DACC; Joan Gòdia, director general of Food, Quality and Gastronomy Companies of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The competition distinguished the best honeys of the rosemary, thousand-flower, mountain and monofloral types with four awards, in addition to the best-scored honey (Queen of Honeys Award) by the members of the jury, who evaluated, to score the samples, the appearance, color, flavor, taste and feel of the honeys.

He Queen of Honey Award it was for Alan Monrás, from Granera (Vallés Oriental); Rafael Múria, from Perelló (Baix Ebre); Màrius Pujol Llauradó, from Alcanar (Montsià), and Xavier Llobet, from Santa Margarida i les Monjos (Alt Penedès).

At the same time, outside the market, the cook Ada Parellada made one culinary demonstration with dishes in which honey played a key role. There were also two honey tastings with great participation and the characteristics of the production of this product and how to value it were explained.

They participated in the contest 48 samples of the different honeys. The jury was made up of beekeeping experts and specialists Fina Gonell, agricultural technician specialist in beekeeping; Anna Clemente, beekeeper, and Miquel Alemany, from Mels Alemany.

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