Catcalling, controversy Er Faina: “For 2 whistles? Where will we end up …”

Catcalling, Er Faina in the storm: “If someone comes and touches you, I can understand. But if someone whistles …”. The commentator this morning apologized but the damage was now done

The catcalling, that is the attention, appreciation and unwanted comments of men towards women especially when they are alone in the street, is back a very topical issue after the denunciation of Aurora Ramazzoti on Instagram. Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti’s daughter wanted to share in her Stories an unpleasant episode that happened to her while running around the park: “As soon as I put on a skirt or take off my sport jacket while running because it’s hot, do I have to hear the boos or sexist comments? It sucks me. If you are a person who does this and you are seeing this story, know you suck “.

Catcalling – Er Faina: “For two whistles? I don’t know where we will end up”

Even Er Faina, a well-known face for his participation in Temptation Island VIP 2 and Instagram commentator, wanted to have his say on the catcalling phenomenon but his speech has sparked quite a few controversies: “I can understand if one comes, insults you, breaks the c ** zo, but what is a towing manual? One passes, sees two beautiful legs … you say “Ah fantastic.” I didn’t tell you go f **** the ugly ces * o. The catcalling? For two whistles? I don’t know where we will end up. If someone comes they touch you, I can understand. But if someone whistles and says ‘ah beautiful’ … “.

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Catcalling – Er Faina backs off: “I apologize if I offended someone’s sensibility. I was ironic”

Er Faina then wanted to clarify his thoughts better but in the meantime the controversy had already flared up: “Obviously this is true for boys. Because if a 16-year-old boy is joined by a 60 and says ‘beautiful’, it is I who I throw a shoe… “. This morning he published a new post in which he states that his comment was only ironic: “I apologize if I hurt someone’s sensibility with my words yesterday. Mine was simply irony, my intention was definitely not to to offend anyone. And if anyone has felt offended, I apologize. ” However, many of his followers interpreted the post as a clumsy gesture to recover credibility.


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