Salvini hit the mark on Justice. Mastella speaks

The former Keeper of the Seals and historian DC: now the parties are weak, Di Maio comes out the winner from the feud in the Five Stars. I founded a party without a euro, Conte lacks the courage. Salvini? He makes politics, he has hit the mark on Justice. While the Democratic Party … First […]

“Happy, but one is still missing”

“I believed in the players we had, despite the fact that everyone believed little. I thought we could do good things, we are happy to have given the Italians good evenings this month. One more is missing.” Italian coach Roberto Mancini comments on the victory on penalties against Spain that sends Italy to the final […]

Oil, the price rush continues. Record gasoline: 1,634 euros per liter

Skip the summit again ministerial of the 23 members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and their allies, which had been rescheduled yesterday due to the lack of agreement last Thursday. And i oil prices skyrocketing: on the electronic circuit the futures on the Light crude Wti advance to the top of November […]

“Won Italian style?”. And Mancini reacts like this on TV

Roberto Mancini tired, happy and angry to the microphones of Rai Sport at the end of the match against Spain that brought Italy to the final at Euro 2020. Here is the sentence of his colleague Antinelli who made the Italian coach a little irritated who replied like this: “Won Italian style? Football teams attack […]

Ghost meeting, in the classroom in nine months – Pescara

PESCARA. The open battle of preliminary exceptions between prosecution and defense in the trial of the former governor ends in a draw Luciano D’Alfonso, four former regional councilors (Dino Pepe, Marinella Sclocco, Donato Di Matteo e Silvio Paolucci), the secretary of the presidency, Claudio Ruffini, and the chief of staff, Fabrizio Bernardini: all accused of […]

Rescuers reached the climbers stuck on the Giant’s Tooth

Two teams of the Aosta Valley Alpine Rescue are activated Two teams of the Aosta Valley Alpine Rescue have been working on the Dente del Gigante for a few hours to recover two mountaineers stuck along the double ropes during the descent. The mountaineers were joined by a team who came down from the top […]

Disappeared gynecologist: the inspectors have arrived at the Santa Chiara – Cronaca

TRENTO. They arrived today, July 6, shortly after 3 pm inspectors sent by Minister Speranza at the Santa Chiara hospital. Their task is to understand what the situation is inside the gynecology department and the inspection was decided after the disappearance – at the beginning of March – of the doctor. Sara Pedri. The director […]

Who is Luca Bernardo, the center-right candidate for mayor in Milan – It is a ‘civic’ candidate, coming from the world of professions, and not politicians, Luca Bernardo, who today will receive the investiture from the center-right summit to run for mayor of Milan in the upcoming administrative elections. Bernardo was born in August 1967, therefore close to completing 54 years old, and it is […]

“Caution, these are crucial weeks” –

The infections date back. Slowly and without burdening the health system, which indeed continues to have an occupancy rate of beds in intensive care of 2 per cent (at the end of March it was 41%). But they increase. The data of the day say so. This is confirmed by the rise in the contagion […]