The Chinese are looking for a “second Earth”

T + T – normal size China plans to discover the first Earth-like planet orbiting a star similar to the sun, using a modern-generation space observatory, which is expected to be launched at the end of 2026. The mission, according to “Monte Carlo”, called “Earth 2.0” and led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will […]

Samsung starts producing small 3nm GAA chips now.

Samsung Foundry has announced that production of its 1st generation 3nm processors has now begun using GAA (Gate-All-Around) architecture, the successor to FinFET. Compared to a 5nm chip, Samsung’s first 3nm chip offers a 23% increase in efficiency, up to 45% power savings and 16% less space usage. Samsung is still aiming for the second-generation […]

Windows 10 still dominates the computer market, and Windows 11 is trying to compete…

Thank you for reading. Read the news: Report: Windows 10 still dominates the computer market… and Windows 11 is trying to compete… Basrawi News Encyclopedia – I wrote: Nermin Salem It has been almost a year since Microsoft released Windows 11, which is described as the “next generation of Windows”, and earlier this year, the […]

Nord Stream AG announced the suspension of Nord Stream for prevention

Nord Stream AG, the operator of Nord Stream, will temporarily suspend the operation of both gas pipeline strings from July 11 to July 21, 2022 for maintenance work, the company said. As part of the prevention, they will also test mechanical components and automation systems “to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of the gas […]

Webb telescope sends out ‘first light’

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has begun sending its images, nearly six months after its launch, according to the American “Fox News” network. But the images, which show the distant regions of the universe, will not be available to the public before July 12, the date chosen by NASA to reveal them. NASA will broadcast […]

Roskosmos will test glasses for the rehabilitation of binocular vision

One of the research and production enterprises of Roskosmos plans to test glasses to restore binocular vision. The device should help people with eye injuries restore a complete picture of the world around them. Testing will begin in 2023. It was originally planned that the device would be a digital glasses. Now the corporation is […]

Best phones games 2022 first half of the year. Terrible rivalry

There is no doubt that video games in the world are no longer mere entertainment or entertainment… Rather, they have become a phenomenon, around these games tournaments and tournaments are held in the world under the so-called digital sports, and telephone companies. We are fully aware that one of the most important conditions for the […]