US-China, Biden needs Putin. But (for now) there is no thaw. Rather

One of the first rules of geopolitics is the following: power number one, whenever it feels threatened by the rise of power number two, seeks to ally itself with power number three. Where the numbers represent the order of greatness and power itself of the actors involved. It is a pattern that has been repeated […]

relationship with Usa at the lowest point. I Killer? The contemptuous smile –

The former head of the White House, Donald Trump, is a “colorful individual,” “an extraordinary, talented individual. He has personality and did not come from the American establishment “and” from big politics “. The current tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, is instead “radically different, he has spent almost his entire life in politics.” […]

In South Africa, a woman gave birth to 10 babies – A South African woman gave birth to 10 babies, setting a possible new world record already under consideration by the Guinness Book of Records. Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37, and her husband were further surprised at the time of delivery: during pregnancy, ultrasound scans had identified eight fetuses, which are actually 10. “They are […]

G7, Draghi points the way in the name of trust

A bilateral with the landlord, Boris Johnson, who spends words of praise for the management of the pandemic in the first months at the head of the Italian government. An interview with the French President Emmanuel Macron, with whom the agreement has always been strong, from the first day he took office in Palazzo Chigi. […]

US, old racist abuses and fears slow vaccinations

The big virus Independence Day milestone set by Joe Biden for July 4th with 70% of Americans vaccinated may perhaps not be achieved. The President, in fact, is clashing with some states that distrust the national health system for a past of racist abuse and unfounded fears. After a record 3.4 million doses in one […]

Macron’s bitter farewell to the Barkhane operation – The French President, Emmanuel Macron, announced the end of theoperation Barkhane, the transalpine military deployment in Sahel in contrast tojihadist uprising bloodied the area and that only last week recorded one of its most brutal episodes, with the massacre of at least 138 civilians in the North of Burkina Faso. “Once the consultations […]

Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a contaminated batch in the US

One batch of the active ingredient in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine “was contaminated with materials intended for another vaccine manufactured at the same site” in the United States. This was announced by the European Medicines Agency – Ema, specifying that the contamination occurred in a site in Maryland owned by Emergent Biosolutions and that […]

Peru, Castillo towards the presidency. Fujimori detached by just 60,000 votes

Peru, Castillo towards the presidency. Fujimori detached by just 60,000 votes Peru is about to know the name of its next president. The elections did not deliver a clear verdict, but for a handful of votes Pedro Castillo should have won it, a high school teacher who has never held public office and left presidential […]

a “viewfinder on the Middle East” provided by Russia-

Russia will provide Iran with a new satellite, a device that will enhance its capabilities in targeting across the Middle East. The Washington Post. Tehran – according to the newspaper – will receive a Kanopus V, conceived for civilian purposes but which will be converted for military missions. The Islamic Republic has never hidden this […]