Cause still unknown – investigation after helicopter crash in Wiener Neustadt

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The State Criminal Police Office has secured traces. “The body could be recovered,” said police spokesman Heinz Holub-Friedreich on Monday to the APA. A helicopter from ex-Strabag boss Hans Peter Haselsteiner was approaching the Wr. Neustadt Ost crashed and went up in flames, the pilot died.

The surveys were still going on in the afternoon, the police said. It concerns “extensive investigations”. The public prosecutor’s office in Wiener Neustadt is waiting for a report on the surveys by the Aircraft Accident Commission together with the State Criminal Police Office. Then it will be decided whether an autopsy of the body will be ordered and further investigative steps will be taken, said the spokesman for the prosecution, Erich Habitzl, on APA request.

Haselsteiner not in the helicopter

Haselsteiner himself was not in the helicopter. According to the daily newspaper “Kurier”, the entrepreneur and former politician had got out shortly before at Semmering. In an initial statement, Haselsteiner said he was “completely shocked and exhausted”, according to the report. According to the newspaper in Wiener Neustadt, fog is said to have prevailed during the approach. The helicopter began to burn after the crash at around 4:45 p.m., and the fire brigade put out the flames. For the pilot, a 50-year-old from Carinthia, any help came too late.

The FF announced on Monday in a broadcast that a walker had called the fire brigade after the helicopter crash. The man stated that he “perceived a loud bang in the area of ​​the airfield. However, due to the heavy fog that was prevalent in Wiener Neustadt at the time, he could not clearly identify the source”. Shortly afterwards he reported in another call about a burning aircraft on the runway of the airfield. Emergency calls were also received at the police state control center.

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When the helpers arrived, the Bell 429 GlobalRanger helicopter was in full fire, the broadcast reported. The flames were extinguished with a foam attack. “We have operational plans for such emergencies and the airfield has an emergency plan for this in accordance with international requirements. According to this, we immediately moved to the airfield in the first wave with a tank tender, a heavy rescue vehicle and a commander’s vehicle,” said the commander of the Wiener Neustadt fire brigade. Christian Pfeiffer.

The pilot was killed, the emergency doctor could only determine the death of the man. After clearance, the fire brigade recovered the body. “Because of the burnt carbon fibers and the fumes from the helicopter wreck, we used ambient air-dependent respiratory protection in the form of filter masks,” reported Pfeiffer.


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